Geographic Regions

Authority records describing geographic areas - used for supporting display and retrieval in MEI

Early Bookowners in Britain (EBOB)

Evidence of British provenances for the time period from 1450 to 1550 from over 4300 printed works gathered for a contribution to The Cambridge History of the Book in Britain by Margaret Lane Ford.

Holding Institutions (MEI)

Authority records for holding institutions in MEI and other CERL databases

Index Possessorum Incunabulorum

This database contains some 32,000 entries of personal names, institutional names, monograms, and arms pertaining to the ownership of incunabula. They were extracted by Paul Needham from some 200 published catalogues of incunabula with provenance information and augmented with information from his personal research.

Incunabula Short Title Catalogue (ISTC)

The Incunabula Short Title Catalogue is the international database of 15th-century European printing created by the British Library with contributions from institutions worldwide.

Material Evidence in Incunabula

Material evidence (or copy specific, post-production evidence and provenance information) of 15th-century printed books: ownership, decoration, binding, manuscript annotations, stamps, prices, etc.)

Owners of Incunabula

Authority records for provenance names recorded in MEI


rare or unique sixteenth-century Italian popular editions held today in the British Library (not surviving in any Italian library)

Scottish Book Trade Index

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Siebmacher’s Armorials

The database contains the family names and titles of the "General Index of Siebmacher’s Armorials 1605–1961"

CERL Thesaurus (CT)

Authority records for persons, printers, corporate entities and places until approx. 1830

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